Terms and conditions

    1. Introduction

    1.2 The Company  reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and / or rules of sports betting and publish the new version on the web portal. When a major change is made, according to the terms and conditions of the player, will be required to accept the new terms and conditions before any procedure. The Player's responsibility to check if any changes have been made. The Player, at any time, may withdraw all available funds and close the account by sending an e-mail to customer care.

    1.3 The relationship is between the registered players and the Company , is governed by these terms and conditions.

    1.4 In the event of any dispute between the English language version of the Terms and Conditions and versions in other languages, the English version will prevail.

    1.5 Please print out these terms and conditions and keep them in an easily accessible place

    2. Account Rules

    2.1 All players who wish to open and account must be at least 18 years old, or 21 in some cases depending on your jurisdiction.

    2.2 Residents of the United States are not permitted to register .

    2.3 Players of the Company agree to abide by these terms and conditions at any time, and:

    • not to act in the interests of third parties;
    • not to use funds from any criminal activity or activities (money laundering);
    • do not add funds via their bank account / credit card if you are not authorized to use it;
    • do not try to hack the website or to alter its code in any way;
    • not to adopt any criminal behaviour against the Company, for both affiliates, and players;
    • Do not treat Licensee as a financial institution.

    2.4 In the event that a player fails to meet one or more of these rules, as indicated in 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3, the Company reserves the right to close the account or suspend the funds available.

    2.5 It is the Player's responsibility to verify that it is violating the laws of its jurisdiction when opening an account and conducting business with the Company.

    2.6 A Player must submit the correct information during his registration.

    2.7 The Player also agrees to update this information there will be no changes to their personal data provided.

    2.8 You are permitted to open only one account or having only one active account;

    2.9 The Company reserves the right to close the account and / or do not accept an application for registration. Contractual obligations already made will be honoured, except for cases where it is required, by law, the Company to suspend / cancel all gaming activity of any specific player.

    2.10 In the case of accounts blocked / closed / excluded or for any other question, the reader may contact the Company by sending an internal message in order to recover its funds.

    2.11 All operations are performed in Euro currency only.

    2.12 All operations will be checked by our staff to prevent fraud and / or money laundering.

    2.13 There is no interest paid on funds, regardless of the amount held in the account by the Player.

    2.15 During the registration process, the player can choose his / her name and password of the player. The player has the option to change the password at any time.

    2.16 The player should always keep secret his username and password. The Company advises that readers do not write the name of the player, ID and / or password and do not leave somewhere easily accessible to third parties. The Company also strongly recommended not to leave open your personal account betting, to prevent a third party have access to all the functions of personal bets without the consent of the player. The Company also informs the player to create a password with at least six letters and / or numeric characters or symbols (eg AsdLf2 and 5).

    2.17 If a bet is placed by a third party, using the username and password of a Player, will be considered valid.

    2.19 The Company reserves the right to examine and confirm the identity of his players. When deemed necessary, the Company will require that the documents certifying the identity of the player is forwarded to its offices. Examples of documentation: can be requested certified copies of ID card, bank statements, references, bills, etc.

    2.20 The Company may request that the funds are transferred to the Authority, as provided by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority, if an account is inactive for a period of 30 months or more. We will do our best to contact the player and return the funds before transferring to the Authority. However, if we fail to contact the player, the latter will have to contact the Authority to recover its funds.

    3. Deposits, transfers and withdrawals

    3.1 Deposits can be made to account by bank transfer, credit card, e-wallet: Skrill or Neteller. The name on the credit card or bank transfer should be identical to the account receiving the funds. If this is not the case, the deposit will be rejected and returned the funds. Any charges levied by the banks / payment gateways will be deducted from the sum reversed.

    3.2 Deposits made through credit cards and / or e-wallet will be immediately credited to the betting account of the players, once completed.

    3.3 All costs of collection and / or deposit may be charged to the player. Currently, the Company is paying these fees. However, this policy may be changed, and if that happens, the player will be informed.

    3.4 We encourage our players to print and keep a copy of all the various transactions.

    3.5 Deposits minimum:

    • 5 euro for a credit card 
    • 50 euro e-wallet deposits
    • 500 Euro for bank deposits transfer.

    3.6 The funds deposited must be utilized for the placing of bets. Any suspicious activity will be reported to the relevant authorities, providing the freezing of funds and even the closure of the account. In such cases, the Company reserves the right to settle bets.

    3.7 The policy does not provide any kind of refund. Only in special cases can occur for a refund, but it is at the sole discretion of the Company whether or not a player is entitled to a refund.

    3.8 The transfer of funds between accounts of the players and the sale, disposal or acquisition of funds to / from players is strictly forbidden.

    3.9 The player may, at any time, access your account and view a statement of his account that shows all transactions, namely deposits, bonus credits, winnings, bets and withdrawals. If the player you notice any errors, should immediately notify the Company in writing (just an 'e-mail address) so that the error can be corrected. The player must report such error in writing within 90 days from when the first error appeared on the statement available on the website.

    3.10 At any time, a player may decide to withdraw all or part of its funds from their account. Depending on the currency and the bank's position of Player, transaction fees may apply, according to the following modes:
    e-Wallet: In case of a withdraw request lower than 50% of the total deposit amount, it will be apply a 4% fee, furthermore the withdraw of the winnings will be free of charge fees for the first two times of each month, from the third one it will be apply a 3% fee.
    Once all the available funds have been withdrawn, the player has the right to close your account, should he wish to do so. The minimum withdrawal amount is as follow:

    • € 30.00 (thirty euro)  with credit card (if available)
    • € 50.00 (fifty euro) with e-wallet
    • € 500.00 (twenty euro) with bank transfer

    3.11 The Company will seek to finalize any application for withdrawal within 3-5 working days of the request. The amounts will be transferred only to the same account used for the deposit (where possible).

    3.12 The Player understands that the Company can not complete the withdrawal if the identity of the player has been approved.

    4. Betting Rulese
    • The minimum bet allowed is € 0.50
    • Bets on credit are not accepted.
    • A bet is valid at the time of acceptance, whether in view of that bet the word 'Confirmed' is displayed together with its confirmation code.
    • Players are not allowed to modify or cancel a bet once the confirmation code has been displayed. That said, in the case of an obvious error on the part of the player, while placing the bet, the Company may, at the request of the player, to cancel all or part of a bet, at its discretion. Such cases will be treated on a case by case basis and the decision to cancel remains at the discretion of the Company. This request may be made by the account holder from which the bet was placed, and exclusively within 10 minutes after entering this bet.
    • The Player declares that he has no knowledge of the sporting result of the event on which he placed a bet when it is placed. If the Company has reason to believe that this condition was not met, reserves the right to cancel such bet even mode afterthought.
    • The Company reserves the right to cancel one or more bets at any time, and therefore, even if the result is confirmed, if one of the following events occurs:
      • The player has not reached the required age.
      • The price of the bet results of a mistake in the events and odds (eg. 2.20 instead of 1.20);
      • The price of the bet results from events reversed and shares, in the case of betting on two participants;
      • For whatever reason, foreign to the control of the Company, the playing field is reversed by a decision of the competent authorities;
      • Due to a technical or human error the bet is placed after the actual start of the game in question (unless it is an event 'Live');
      • The Company has reason to believe that the player is involved in fraud, fraudulent activity, money laundering, criminal activities, the use of money inserted from illegal or criminal activities, or any type of misconduct.
      • The Company has reason to believe that the event in question has been set or modified through fraudulent or criminal activity of any kind;
    • The Company reserves the right to terminate an event / game and limit / reject / cancel all pending bets in your account at its sole discretion, without cause, at any time if there are problems with the margins used to handle an event, or other technical difficulties affecting the event / game. In these circumstances, the Company assumes no responsibility.
    • In case of malfunction or software RNG, the bet will be void and the bet amount will be returned to the customer.
    • If a game is started but fails or produces an inaccurate result due to a failure of management software gaming account and / or of the game and / or the random number generator, all bets and winnings from that game will cancelled and the account balance game will be shown in its position before the game.
    • If a player puts an end to the relationship with the Company in the course of an active game, your bet amount will be returned to the game account. In that case, the amounts of betting stakes will be credited to the account of the client game and betting also confirmed will be credited directly to the gaming account.
    • In the event that a bet is placed at the wrong price, because of the delay in coverage of live events, and one of the teams has gained an advantage substantive, the Company reserves the right to cancel such bets.
    • The Company reserves the right to change the probability of an event at any time.
    • The Company reserves the right to accept or reject in part a bet.
    • For sports results means the score after normal time, unless otherwise noted.
    • The place and time of each sporting event published by the Company are there just for informational purposes. The Company is not responsible for any errors or omissions.
    • All winnings will be credited directly into the accounts of the players once the final results of the events were determined and entered into the system. In case of a tie between two or more competitors, the applied odds will be equal to the odds of acceptance divided by the number of participants on an equal footing. If, for example, two participants with odds of 2.80 and 1.90 the same result (both are winners), the final dimensions will be 1.4 (2.80 / 2) and 0.95 (1.90 / 2).
    5. Responsibility
    • The Company is obliged to establish victories appropriately in accordance with these terms and conditions.
    • The player says it will use the services of the Company for his own amusement. Moreover, he is aware that any attempt of fraud against the Company will be taken seriously and be accountable civilly, criminally and economically for his fraudulent behavior.
    • Player agrees that the Company is not responsible for:
      • Any losses arising from its use, overuse or misuse of his gaming account;
      • Any loss incurred during the transmission of the data to our website via the Internet or e-mail;
      • Any loss derived from service interruptions, systems failure, disruptions in telecommunication channels, due to technical problems or human; Completeness and accuracy of the details of the sports events offered on the website of the Company; The completeness and accuracy of the details the sports events offered on the website of the Company;
      • The behaviour offensive or illegal conduct of any other player;
    • The content of the Web page of the Company are provided as they appear. Except as is normally required by law, all warranties, express or implied, is given by the availability and accuracy of the content of those pages. The Company reserves the right to correct the content or to block access to it at any time.
    • The company is not responsible for the malfunction of the computer, of any anomalies in the Internet or the services provided by the suppliers phone, nor to the attempts of the players to take part in games using methods, means or ways not approved by the Company.
    • The Company reserves the right to temporarily suspend the service offering in its sole discretion. Can not be held responsible for any loss resulting from the temporary unavailability of its services, either directly or indirectly;
    • The Company assumes no responsibility for material information or advertising, in paper or electronic form, issued by third parties and in every real or virtual space that is different from our current website and of which the Company is not able to have any knowledge.
    6. Copyright
    • The content of the web pages of the Company are under copyright, insieme ai loghi ed i nomi commerciali. along with the logos and trade names. All rights reserved.
    • Reproduction, transfer, distribution or Sabine, in whole or in part, of the contents in any form without prior written permission from the Company is prohibited. However, the Company allows the player to save and print on your computer copies the contents of the Terms and Conditions, except for personal use. Specific documents will be subject to additional terms and conditions contained herein.
    7. Data protection
    • The Company reserves the right to use the personal data of the player only for uses related to the same site BetOne365 .
    • The Company does not share personal information with a third of the players that is not in some way associated with the Company. It may, however, receive requests from the competent authorities if they wish to obtain information on the player.
    • The player has the right to access their personal data freely and ask that it be modified or changed.
    • For more information on the management procedure by the Company of personal data, please see the section Privacy Policy.
    8. Complaints
    • The company will do everything possible to ensure an enjoyable and fun for the player. However, it may be that, in some cases, the player will not be satisfied with the quality of the product or our customer service. In this case, the player can send a complaint internal messagge to our Customer Service. Complaints will be forwarded to the appropriate department and normally processed within 48 hours.
    9. Jurisdiction

    Gaming is in some countries is not allowed due to the state or federal law.

    Please check with your jurisdiction in your country if gaming laws is permitted and allowed before attempting to make any transactions on our website.